Guarantee Fund for Motor Vehicles

The Guarantee Fund for Motor Vehicles was established in 1965. It is a consequence of the Dutch Motor Insurance Liability Act (WAM). On the basis of this Act, all motor vehicles (cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks, mopeds and motorcycles, etc.) in the Netherlands must be insured against third-party liability (WA). This is the liability for car damage caused to third parties. Therefore, the person who suffers damage can directly claim an insurance company for the damage.

Sometimes, however, this is not possible. For example, because the owner of the vehicle has no car insurance. Or because the driver has made off without leaving his name and address. In such situations the Waarborgfonds m tor traffic can often offer a solution.

The Guarantee Fund is financed by all insurance companies taking out motor insurance in the Netherlands. Indirectly, therefore, everyone who owns a motor vehicle (and has it insured!) contributes to the Guarantee Fund.

The Guarantee Fund intervenes in five cases in the event of damage in traffic in the Netherlands, provided that the perpetrator's liability has been established:

  • if it is not known who caused the damage;
  • if the motor vehicle causing the damage is not insured;
  • if the motor vehicle causing the damage is stolen and the driver knows about the theft;
  • if the insurance company is insolvent;
  • if the possessor/holder has an exemption from the obligation to take out insurance due to reasons of conscience.

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